Front-line staff alliance claims 'unfair targeting'


An alliance of unions representing nurses, gardaí and prison officers has said there is “no future” for talks around the extension of the Croke Park agreement unless the focus moves away from “unfair targeting” of front-line staff.

The 24/7 Frontline Alliance said the proposals were concentrated on reductions in overtime, shift premiums and Sunday allowances, which formed a “significant part” of the earnings of front-line staff and reflected the unsocial nature of their work.

“The focus to date has, in our view, been unfairly targeted on allowances that are paid for attendance outside of normal working hours by staff in vital public services such as health and justice,” said Dave Hughes, deputy general secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

“In our view the talks have no future unless the focus moves away from the unfair targeting of such key staff.”

The alliance, which represents front-line emergency and essential services staff, said in addition to the pension-related levy and the pay cut its members had seen “massive” reductions in numbers and changes to rosters while nurses and midwives had experienced the closure and reconfiguration of hospital wards.