Farmers may list right-of-way claims up to 2021, authority says Register


People wishing to register their existing right of way over someone's land have nine years to do so, the Property Registration Authority has confirmed. A report in a Sunday newspaper said the expiry date for registering such claims with the authority was the end of this month.

However, it is in fact November 30th, 2021. IFA assistant general secretary Bryan Barry said the report had caused confusion and anxiety. "The report over the weekend alarmed many farmers, who feared they were facing a very tight deadline to claim their rights of way by applying to the PRA," he said.

The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 originally provided that farmers had to go to court to register existing rights of way and had to make such claims before the end of this month.

"This proved totally impractical and IFA lobbied successfully to have the system changed," Mr Barry said. "Amending legislation was passed last year allowing farmers to register uncontested claims with the PRA and extending the period for registering such claims to November 30th, 2021."