Expenses paid to judges last year almost a third lower than in 2008


Expenses paid to judges last year were almost one-third lower than in 2008, according to figures released by the Courts Service yesterday.

The savings include drops of 42 per cent in the cost of accommodation and 14 per cent in the cost of transport.

The overall costs have dropped by 31 per cent from €2,432,580 in 2008 to €1,674,466 last year.

The number of judges has increased from 131 in 2006 to 146 last year.

The 36 High Court judges claimed a total of €107,606, while the 38 judges of the Circuit Court claimed over five times as much, at €547,450.

The eight Supreme Court judges cost a total of just €9,917 for the year, while the 64 District Court judges claimed €1,009,493.

The cost of judicial attire increased last year by €18,000, reflecting the appointment of new judges to replace those who retired.

This figure is set to drop in coming years with the abolition of the requirement for judges to wear ceremonial wigs.