Quick, someone tell Santa - there’s a storm warning in Ireland

Met Éireann says north and west is at risk from a potentially stormy spell of weather

Santa may need to hold onto his sleigh very tightly when over Ireland as Met Éireann has issued a warning for Storm Barbara over Christmas weekend.

The yellow “be aware” alert comes into force at midday on Thursday and will last until midnight on St Stephen’s Day.

It warns of a potentially stormy spell of weather with the north and west of the country most at risk.

“But the details are still uncertain at this stage,” Met Éireann said.


While it seems certain some stormy weather is set to hit the country, it looks increasing unlikely it will be a white Christmas with the mild temperatures forecast.

Most of this week is expected to be cold with wintry showers.

However, forecasters have predicted temperatures on Friday will be much milder ranging between 8 to 11 degrees although it is expected to be “extremely windy” with heavy rain.

Christmas Eve will be cold with some showers in the morning. The rain will get heavier through the day and for Christmas Day it likely to be windy with some rain.


Met Éireann has asked people to take extra care on the roads over the festive season and to use public transport when possible.

Motorists are advised to keep windows clear of snow and ice during their journeys, to keep a sharp lookout for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users and to leave an extra distance between you and vehicle in front when driving through snow or icy conditions.

Elderly people are advised to keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel, and to ask relatives and neighbours for help if needed.

If you live in a flood risk area, Met Éireann advises that you always have preparations in place should the water begin to rise.

Rachel Flaherty

Rachel Flaherty

Rachel Flaherty is Digital Features Editor and journalist with The Irish Times