Buried sperm whale washes up on Donegal beach

Creature disposed of on Mageraroarty Beach before washing up again

A 45-ft sperm whale has been washed ashore on a Co Donegal beach again – after it was buried by Donegal County Council.

The creature was initially washed up on Magheraroarty Beach on Friday.

A decision was made to bury the whale under the sand where it was washed up.

However, locals have now discovered the creature has washed up again from beneath the sands.


One local said the smell from the decaying creature is now very strong.

“As you can imagine it was sad enough that the creature was washed up the first time. In fairness to the council they acted quickly and the whale was buried.

“But it obviously wasn’t buried correctly as it was washed back out and emerged back on the same beach again.

“It’s causing a lot of bother on the beach as there is a foul smell coming from it now that it is starting to decay rapidly,” he said.

The council have yet again been informed of the presence of the whale and are expected to take action to dispose of the creature on Monday.