Teachers told to ignore JobBridge positions

Teachers’ union warns that work under scheme may block real employment offers

Primary teachers looking for work this autumn have been advised to ignore positions advertised under the Government’s JobBridge scheme.

The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) advice describes the scheme as “exploitative” with no guarantee of future work.

The union, which issued a directive to its members in 2011 not to take part in JobBridge, said applicant teachers who joined the scheme would not be offered the standard pay rate for a teacher.

The jobs advertised would not count towards permanent employment or pensions, the union pointed out.

The advice to prospective teachers included a warning that taking up the scheme could mean cutting themselves off from “paid work” opportunities.

The union said paid substitute work or paid fixed-term work was the best way for teachers to gain experience.

‘Extremely cautious’

"Recently qualified graduates who have yet to get regular work should be extremely cautious about joining this scheme," said general secretary Sheila Nunan.

Ms Nunan said there were fewer teaching graduates this year and an increase in employment opportunities.