Our top-50 education apps: exercise and nutrition

Physical exercise

SuperStretch Yoga HD

(iPad/iPhone, free, developed by the Adventures of Super Stretch)

An introduction to basic yoga. It’s good exercise that can be done indoors, is good for the mind and a good way for kids to relax after school. Parents and guardians can join in too.


Suitable for:

children under 14 and families.

My Home PE

(website, developed by Brenda Cassidy)

Not an app (not yet, but don’t be surprised if this changes soon) but an online interactive “PE homework” tool for children aged four to nine, which aims to boost physical activity outside school hours. My Home PE provides physical activities for kids and parents to take part in, from jogging on the spot during TV ad breaks to going for a cycle or dancing to videos that are free to download.

Suitable for:

children and families.

Motion Maze

(iPad/ iPhone, free, developed by Digido Interactive)

Just what you need to get the kids off the couch: this engaging app challenges children to work through a series of puzzles. The app is powered by motion, so children need to walk or jog to get to the next level. There’s a diversity of puzzles and adventures to keep them engaged.

Suitable for

: children aged 12 and under.

The PE Geek

(iPad/ iPhone, Android, free, paid versions with additional features, developed by The PE Geek)

A comprehensive app for teachers and parents who want to learn more about the latest technologies in physical education.

Suitable for

: teachers and parents.

Nutrition and life skills

Yummiloo Rainbow Power

(iPad/iPhone: €1.99, developed by Night and Day Studios)

How to get kids to eat? The bright and colourful characters in this game are called Yum Yums, and they’re off to their annual carnival. On the way, they learn all about nutrition and food identification, gathering fruits and vegetables and learning how to compost.

Suitable for:

children under seven.


(iPad/iPhone, Android, free, but in-app purchases available, developed by Headspace Meditation Ltd)

A popular and accessible meditation app. Forget your notions about how meditation is for hippies: the science clearly shows it works and can improve concentration, mental health and general wellbeing.

Suitable for:

adults and teens.

Smiling Mind 

(iPad/iPhone, Android, free)

A meditation app specifically designed for young people.

Suitable for:

ages seven and over.


(iPad, free, developed by GoTo Educational Technology)

Daddy, where do babies come from? It’s one of the first tricky questions that children ask, but parents are often stumped. Birdees features a series of age-appropriate lessons for children on gender, body image, values, dealing with strangers, personality and communication. There’s a wide variety of attitudes to sex and relationship education in Ireland, but this series is flexible enough to allow parents to integrate their own values into the lessons.

Suitable for

: ages two to eight.

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