Dunne to consent to judgment


Solicitors for Sean Dunne have indicated to the National Assets Management Agency (Nama) that the developer will consent to summary judgment orders being made against him at the Commercial Court tomorrow, a judge was told yesterday.

Nama has sought summary judgment for some €184 million.

The proceedings, while not listed before the Commercial Court yesterday, were mentioned to Mr Justice Peter Kelly who was told by James Doherty, for Nama, that solicitors for Mr Dunne, Merrion Square, Dublin 2 had indicated there would be “a consent to the matter”.

When the judge asked for clarification, counsel said it had been indicated the defendant would be consenting to transfer of the proceedings to the Commercial Court and to the application for summary judgment.

In those circumstances, the proceedings, due to come before the Commercial Court on Monday, will now be mentioned before Mr Justice Kelly tomorrow.

The case relates to loans made on dates from 2005 onwards to Mr Dunne personally and to guarantees provided by him over various other loans to a range of companies, including various Mountbrook Companies.

Nama acquired the loans in July 2010 and initiated the court proceedings after demands for repayment by July 2011 last by Mr Dunne and by various companies were not met. It has claimed summary judgment for some €184.2million against him.