Dublin man (28) stabbed to death in Australia


A young Dublin man, Mr Nicholas McNulty (28), of Clondalkin, has been knifed to death in Melbourne, Australia. A man was taken into custody after the attack and later placed in psychiatric care.

A Melbourne police officer told The Irish Times that Mr McNulty was travelling along a cycle track beside the Yarra River at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. "A man jumped from behind a tree and stabbed him once on the rear of the head. He continued to ride until he collapsed near a group of people. They called for an ambulance."

There was difficulty getting to the body because the man's dog would not let anyone get close or give assistance. "The dog was protecting his master and he would not let anyone near him. He was dead on admission to hospital."

"The suspect was examined by a medical officer who declared him unfit for interview. He was then lodged in custody," said the police spokesman.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said the family had been informed. The Ambassador was assisting the family with travel and funeral arrangements.

Mr McNulty was due to take up a job as a civil engineer in Queensland yesterday. He was one of a family of six, originally from Ballymount Cottages, Clondalkin.

Mr McNulty's widowed mother, Rosanna, and her family were informed of the tragedy by his Australian girlfriend.