DPP seeks to strike out Meehan bid to have conviction repealed


The Director of Public Prosecutions is seeking to prevent Brian Meehan proceeding with his bid to have his conviction for the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin declared a miscarriage of justice.

The DPP has brought a preliminary application to the Court of Criminal Appeal, listed for Monday, to strike out Meehan’s proceedings on grounds there are no new or “newly discovered” facts justifying allowing it proceed and it is “an abuse of process”.

Meehan, from Crumlin, Dublin, is serving a life sentence in Portlaoise Prison. He contends that “new facts” emanating from material disclosed for the 2001 trial of John Gilligan show Meehan’s 1999 conviction was a miscarriage of justice. Gilligan was convicted on drugs charges and remains in prison.