Designs on RTE


"COMPLETELY cringing," is the way Roisin Murphy describes how she feels about her appearance on RTE's new interior design series Beyond the Hall Door. The 28 year old architect is more used to giving other people's properties an overhaul than working on herself, but since all filming has now finished, she's resigned, to what lies ahead over the coming weeks.

In any case, as the youngest associate director with the Douglas Wallace Opperman practice, she's too busy to worry about such matters right now. Her immediate concern is with Robbie Fox's Renards nightclub where the first floor VIP room was devastated by fire shortly before Christmas. Although Mr Fox wants the refurbishment of the space to, be completed as quickly as posible, Ms Murphy warns "if it goes in too fast it'll be wrong". Regular visitors to the premises should be advised that changes are planned for its next incarnation, we're going to put a pool table in and remove the dancefloor".

After that, Ms Murphy will he turning her attention to the British Tourist Authority's, new centre in London's Piccadilly - Douglas Wallace Opperman has been commissioned to design this building, which is due to open in April. Back on the domestic front, what does Beyond the Hall Door's resident architect believe is a must have for every Irish home? "I think it's colour this year", she recommends. "Look for acid yellows and greens mixed with patterns like pinstripes."