Critical views: 'I can understand cuts, but education is a stupid one'


“The future taoiseach could be standing here now and he’s not going to get his degree, why is that? It’s because they made mistakes, not us.”

– Michéal Murphy, from Wexford, attending Dublin Institute of Technology

“I wanted to show support for Irish students. In most places in Germany we have €500 fees and in some places no fees at all because it is part of our constitution and is seen as a human right for free education.”

– Hanna Schubert, from Germany, attending NUI Galway

“I can understand why they need to make some cuts, but education is a stupid one. If we don’t have an educated population we’re not going to be able to get employed.”

– Anne Kelly, from Dublin, a mature student attending Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology

“My brother is on the dole and my mother is self-employed, she is shutting down her business in three or four weeks’ time, she can’t afford to keep going.

If fees come in, I’m on a grant; I won’t be able to afford college next year, that’s the bottom line.” – David Sheehan from Limerick, attending NUI Galway

“The higher class don’t care about the middle class. My mum and dad are helping out the builders now, and they [the builders] never helped us out when they were making all the money.

We can’t afford the education.”

– Jessica Murphy from Kerry, attending St Patricks in Drumcondra