Row over Garda phone recordings overblown, says ex-detective

Former garda says he would be shocked if tapes could mean challenge to convictions

A retired detective garda who was part of the investigation team that helped secure John Dundon's conviction for the murder of Shane Geoghegan has said the controversy surrounding recordings of phone calls has been blown out of all proportion.

Speaking this morning, Sean Lynch, said he would be shocked if any of the recordings could lead to criminal convictions being challenged.

Defence solicitor John Devane - who was part of John Dundon's defence team - is seeking a review of Dundon's conviction for the murder of Mr Geoghegan in light of the phone recording revelations.

Mr Geoghegan (28), was shot five times in a case of mistaken identity. The Garryowen rugby player had no links to crime.


Last week, John Devane said: “While I sympathise with the Geoghegan family obviously, I certainly believe that John Dundon’s telephone calls and consultations were listened to both inside in the Garda station and, I would go so far as saying, also his telephone calls in the prison and to his previous solicitors and also to me.”

Limerick’s divisional Garda headquarters at Henry Street was among more than 20 Garda stations where phone calls were recorded.

Sean Lynch, who is now a Fianna Fáil local election candidate, said the practice of recording phone calls was not underhand.

“We all know that 999 [emergency] calls are recorded and that’s for a purpose, and, if you ring into [Garda] divisional headquarters, of course they [phone calls] may be recorded, for the purpose of the caller and the member receiving, and to make sure that the process is followed up on,” he added.

“It’s very unfair on Mrs Geoghegan - who’s hearing this latest controversy about her son’s murder - that it may be appealed or whatever. But, that’s so unfair.”

“That woman has gone through enough and it’s about time that the Geoghegan family were left to get on with their lives and let Shane rest in peace,” Mr Lynch said.