Value for money

Pot noodles


McDonnells Super Noodles €1.29
These were a welcome relief after some of the vileness we had to endure. While these lack the authenticity of the Koka brand they also lack the artificiality of the other noodles in a pot that we tried. Coming as they do in a packet rather than a pot they are not as handy as their rivals and the quality of the noodles is kind of questionable too. But they are inoffensive and surprisingly moreish. The tiny pieces of vegetable are irrelevant while the curry flavour lacks any real kick but we would happily eat more of these were we asked to.
Verdict: Not far from super
Star rating: ****

Koka €1.29

These have come direct from Singapore to our supermarket shelves so are almost certainly the most authentic of the noodles we tried on this occasion. It has a nice spicy kick to it and the reconstituted vegetables add a nice splash of colour to proceedings. We weren’t expecting the veg to actually taste of anything and were mildly surprised by the fact that they actually did. The noodles were vastly superior to anything the competition had to offer. If we had any criticism we’d have to say it was just a little too soupy.
Verdict: Impossible to top
Star rating: *****

Mug Shot €1.49
By the time we got round to the Mug Shot noodles we were feeling distinctly sorry for ourselves. This did not help. In fact it made things a whole lot worse. The noodles are short strands of awfulness while the soup is thin and tasteless. The vegetables – if we can call them that – are mushy and beyond bland. They were also the dearest of the options we tried, something we struggled to get our heads round. The only good thing we can think of to say about this product is that we will never have to eat it again.
Verdict: Oh no
Star rating: *

Pot Noodle €1

This brand is almost certainly the most familiar of the noodles- in-a-pot family so you’d imagine they’d deliver a decent

product, right? Hmm, not so much. The noodles are thick and stodgy and the tiny flecks of what we presume were vegetables brought nothing to the party. The soup was a little on the sweet side and while it was not vile we’ll not be having it again. We were rather alarmed to discover that there were nearly 400 calories in a pot while eating this accounted for a quarter of our daily salt allowance and a third of our saturated fat allocation.
Verdict: Not for us
Star rating: **