Clash over €8m Doolin pier plan


Surfers and a local authority are set to clash at a public forum this week over contentious plans for an €8 million pier at Doolin.

The plan for the north Clare gateway to the Aran Islands has already been beset by delays, with Clare County Council spending more than €250,000 to date on it.

Over the past two years, surfers have opposed the project because of concerns about the effect the pier will have on the Crab Island wave.

Surfing bible Footprint Europe says the Crab Island wave is Ireland’s answer to the well-known Pipeline wave in Hawaii.

In their objection, the Irish Surfing Association and Lahinch-based West Coast Surf Club have re-affirmed their opposition to the plan and its impact on the wave.

The pier was due to be in place by the end of last year. However, the pier – if it secures planning permission – is not now expected to be in place before the summer of 2014.

A spokeswoman for the West Coast Surf Club declined to comment in advance of a club meeting on the upcoming hearing. The new pier is to serve the 70,000 passengers that use the service annually to access the islands.