Bond recipients identity 'unknown'


Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he did not know the identity of the bondholders receiving €1.25 billion from the State today.

“I do not have a list of names…I am quite sure that those who are in possession of these bonds…that their names have changed quite considerably since they first acquired them," he said.

Mr Kenny was challenged in the Dail today by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams to name the bondholders.

Mr Adams said the Oireachtas and the people had the right to know.  He added that the money was being paid at the same time as the Government was imposing savage austerity on Irish citizens.

Mr Kenny said he did not like to see a situation where that kind of repayment had to be made to bondholders.

Mr Adams, he said, had failed to point out where money for the provision of services would come from if the Government defaulted.

Independent TD Shane Ross said the Government should consider the write-off of debts by looking at the example of Russia, Iceland and Argentina.

Those countries had written off debts and returned to the bond markets.