Body on beach one of the Disappeared


A BODY discovered last month on a beach at a Glens of Antrim beauty spot is that of one of the Disappeared, the Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains has confirmed.

Peter Wilson, a 21-year-old Falls Road man with learning difficulties, went missing from his Belfast home in August 1973. It is thought he was abducted, murdered and buried by the IRA at Waterfoot beach, Co Antrim. His parents and family used to spend summer holidays there unaware that their missing loved one was buried near the dunes.

Mr Wilson’s identity was confirmed yesterday after six weeks of DNA and other tests. His body is now being released to his family, and funeral arrangements are expected to be announced shortly.

A search was begun on Waterfoot beach last October by specialists brought in by the commission after reliable information was received about the killing of Mr Wilson and the probable location of his grave. It was expected that the search could have taken months, but human remains were discovered and removed for examination within days.

The murdered man’s sister, Anne Connolly, said the confirmation was received with “a mixture of relief and great sadness”.

Family members have said they are especially sorry that their parents did not live to see the Christian burial of their son.

Mr Wilson is the seventh body to have been recovered and identified by the commission.