Aviva to raise health premiums by up to 6.4% from next month


Aviva Health Insurance is to increase its premiums by up to 6.4 per cent from next month.

The insurer said premiums for a range of plans would increase by an average of 4 per cent from March 31st but there would be no increase on many of its plans.

Aviva said it regretted the increase which it said was due to “the impact of legislative changes coupled with the rising cost of claims”.

“Legislation recently approved by the Oireachtas raised the health insurance levy by up to 26.3 per cent,” Aviva said in a statement.

“The cost of claims paid by Aviva increased by 29 per cent in 2012 compared to 2011. Claims costs for some treatments have seen significant increases.

For example radiotherapy and chemotherapy claims have increased by 37.5 per cent, while the cost of non-surgical admissions claims have increased by 48.3 per cent.