Attendance urged to maintain good relations with Germany


A memo from 1982 stresses the importance the government put on maintaining good relations with Germany.

Ireland needed to have a presence at International Green Week in Berlin because our absence would “evoke an unfavourable reaction” and damage goodwill, the memo said.

A Department of Foreign Affairs file, released in the latest batch of State papers, shows minister for agriculture Brian Lenihan was seeking government approval for funds for Córas Tráchtála, the Irish export board, to organise Ireland’s part in green week. There had been concerns over whether it was cost effective.

A July 1982 memo said Mr Lenihan supported attendance at the event for political as well as economic reasons. It said Germany attached great importance to the event and to participation in it by other EEC member states.

Ireland did take part in the exhibition in 1983 and in following years. It did not, however, participate this year and is not due to take part next month.