Accounts of the Single Life.. in your 30s

Catherine Noone

Catherine Noone


Catherine Noone,  Senator and solicitor (35)

"I've had a few significant relationships. I suppose I don't really get involved with people unless I'm pretty interested in them.

"I'm busy living my life. I don't feel a massive urgency to trot up the aisle with the first person that comes along. A lot of people fall into that, and I'm really glad I have the self-confidence to be on my own.

"I was in the Four Courts some time ago, settling a High Court case. An eminent senior counsel took my left hand and paused and said: 'Can you tell me how some man hasn't put a ring on that finger?' You could take it as a compliment, but a male colleague would never have that said to them.

"My personality comes across as quite confident, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not just another girl who wants somebody to love me.

"The single scene is quite hard, especially if you are in your 30s, because there is a perception when a woman is single in her 30s that somehow she is desperate. Personally I don't feel in any way desperate.

"I think the Celtic Tiger had an effect on people who are in their early to mid 30s. For a good few years, both men and women were out having a good time, the conversation was about property and money, and priorities shifted a little bit. The booze culture also makes it a little bit difficult.

"Sure, I go out and relax, but when you get into your 30s, you are less likely to meet your life partner fuelled with booze in a pub.

"I'd love to have children. Ia way it's what life's about. I'll see what time brings.

"I think a lot of people feel they need someone else to make them happy, but nobody can make anyone happy. You have to be happy in yourself and then you bring something positive to a relationship."