The Women’s Podcast: ‘Just go and have your smear test’

To mark European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, Kathy Sheridan hears why smear tests are nothing to be embarrassed about

Every year in Ireland more than 260 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and up to 90 of those women die from the disease.

Emma Coyne had her first smear test when she was 25, preventing her from becoming one of those statistics.

On the latest episode of the Women's Podcast, Emma speaks to Kathy Sheridan about her shock at finding out there were pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, how early screening meant it never went further and why there is nothing to fear when going for a smear test.

Also on the podcast, consultant gynaecologist Dr Grainne Flannelly speaks about CervicalCheck, the national cervical screening programme, and why, along with the HPV vaccine, regular cervical screening is the most effective way to reduce the risk of cancer developing.


The Pearl of Wisdom, European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, runs until this Saturday. If you're a woman aged 25-60, you are eligible for free regular smear tests through CervicalCheck. Find out when your next one is due here:


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