Róisín Meets: Sinead Burke on life as a little person

‘Minnie Mélange’, aka the Alternative Miss Ireland, inspired by her impressive mother

This week Róisín Ingle meets Sinead Burke, who also goes by the alias Minnie Mélange when competing in (and winning) the Alternative Miss Ireland contest. Sinead is a primary school teacher, phd student and fashion blogger, and in her Extraordinary Women series she has interviewed Lisa Dwan, Stephanie Roche and Áine Lawlor. She tells Róisín about how being a little person has not hindered her life, and they discuss whether her unusual height has given her a special understanding of other minority groups.

“My mother... gave me a belief and a confidence and a worth, that I could do anything that anyone else could do. I may have to manoeuvre myself or find different ways of doing it but it should never stop me and whether that was college or setting up a blog, going to London Fashion Week, standing at the front of a room or doing a phd, that principle has stuck with me”.

“If somebody, without knowing me, comes up to me and wants to upset or belittle me, I think that reflects badly on them, not me... if you’re ever unsure of what to call me or someone like me, my name always does well.”