Dolly Alderton on living alone and why ‘how was your day?’ is an awful question

Back to Yours: Róisín Ingle chats to the journalist, author and podcaster

"It's my place of creation. It's a total sanctuary, and more and more, it's my nightclub. It's where I socialise," says Dolly Alderton, about her London home.

“Any opportunity that I can do something, I’ll see if I can do it at home… Five dates in, I basically just want them here eating spaghetti that I’ve cooked,” the journalist, author and podcaster tells Róisín Ingle, in the latest episode of a new podcast by The Irish Times, Back to Yours.

In the podcast Róisín talks to well-known people about their houses, snoops in their drawers and finds out all about the homes they’ve lived in throughout their lives.

In this episode, Dolly speaks about her “beige” childhood in a London suburb, her rose-tinted memories of mouldy flat-shares with friends, and the bliss of living on her own.

They also talk about why 'how was your day?' is the worst question you could ever ask someone – "I hate it. I just can't bear it" – and why Marie Kondo doesn't deserve a backlash.

In the first season of Back to Yours, Róisín speaks to Amy Huberman, Dermot Bannon, Marian Keyes, and others.

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Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan is a former audio producer at The Irish Times