15 Skoda Superb: Still living up to its name

Third model generation is incredibly roomy, relatively affordable and pleasant to drive

The Skoda Superb: keeping ahead of the hubris.

The Skoda Superb: keeping ahead of the hubris.


Hubris should really have caught up with a car called Superb by now, especially as it’s now in its third model generation. But it seems that Skoda keeps making the big saloon-hatch just good enough to allay any doubts that the name is not apposite. The Superb is incredibly roomy (legroom in the back is unsurpassed by anything this side of an LWB S-Class), relatively affordable and if it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs to drive, then it is at least very comfortable and entirely pleasant. Well, almost entirely pleasant. We have found, with some of the Superbs we’ve driven, that there’s both a persistent rattle from somewhere behind the dashboard and a noticeable vibration up through the floor. It’s also palpably less refined than its cousin, the VW Passat. These are not deal-breaking issues by any means, but they are an indication of just how good a modern car has to be to pass muster. Especially one called Superb. The massive Combi estate is the one to have, and the 1.6-litre TDI diesel is the best engine choice. Specced-up L&K versions are hugely expensive.

Price range: €26,995 to €51,120

Co2 emissions: 105 to 164g/km

Which one? 1.6 TDI Style Combi estate

PCP from €444 per month