The curious case of the Woodside drop


And in other Shrewsbury Road news, there’s the curious case of Woodside, 18 Shrewsbury Road, Dublin 4, which was sold by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland at the beginning of the year for a sum widely reported to be €8 million but is listed on the new property price register as having sold for €1.7 million.

Woodside is difficult to find on the register as it’s listed wrongly as “Shresbury Road”. When we contacted the PSRA to enquire if the price is also a typo, they replied: “The information in the Register is that which is filed for stamp duty purposes with the Revenue Commissioners by those doing the conveyancing of the property. The PSRA does not in any way edit the data. It simply publishes, in a fully transparent manner, that which is filed. At present nearly 100 per cent of the data is filed online directly by the purchaser’s solicitor. Any errors in the data are errors made by those filing the data.”

In late 2008, it’s believed the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland was instructed by the Government to place the home on the market for a figure in the region of €25m. This figure probably seemed achievable at the time considering Walford, regarded as an inferior house, sold for €58 million during the boom. Woodside is one of the finest houses on the road and while some sources believe it actually sold for closer to €5 million than the €8 million that was reported, it remains to be seen if the price recorded on the register is an error or if there’s another explanation. The PSRA says where potential errors are reported to the authority, as in this instance, “they will be taken up with the Revenue Commissioners for their consideration”. Watch this space.