How to declutter: Tidy in bite-size chunks, starting with cups

‘You don’t need to keep everything for memories. The memories are within us’

The method is about experiencing more calm by living with less

The method is about experiencing more calm by living with less

Do you have a floordrobe? Drawers of old birthday cards? Cupboards filled with your preschooler’s artwork? After two years of being mostly at home, our houses are chock-a-block. “Our internal world is a mirror of our external world. If chaos has built up around your home, your head is in the same disarray,” says Vera Keohane of @enjoy_your_home_. It might be time for the mother of all declutters.

Time for storage solutions then?
Well, no. “What people mistakenly do when they think about getting organised is they go out and buy all these storage bins and boxes without getting rid of anything,” says Keohane. “All of their items, whether they need them or not, are neatly but unnecessarily stored away. They are just rearranging their stuff.”

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