Revealed: the All-Ireland sandwich with 32 ingredients in it

The gargantuan sandwich has 3 types of bread, 5 meats, 3 fish products and 4 cheeses

Micheal O'Muircheartaigh probably wouldn't approve, but his now famous match day ham sandwich has a rival in the form of an all-Ireland sandwich, made with ingredients from all 32 counties.

In advance of next weekend's all-Ireland clash between Tyrone and Mayo, Heinz Ireland asked the public to nominate ingredients from their local food producers that they would like to see included in a celebratory sandwich, and the result is a gigantic, three layer behemoth.

There were more than 200 ingredients nominated, and the final selection, chosen by food writer Dee Laffan and David Adams of Heinz Ireland, is anchored between two types of sourdough, a blaa and some boxty, with the sponsor's mayonnaise providing the glue.

The fillings include honey roast ham, pastrami, turkey, salami, bresaola, along with smoked trout pate, salmon and tuna - not all in the same layer, of course. There are also four cheeses, and two types of butter - with and without garlic.


Samples of the selected ingredients were sent to the team at Elephant and Castle restaurant in Rathmines and the chefs there came up with the recipe for the sandwich.

“Our final recipe represents all of the wonderful local produce Ireland has to offer and is the perfect inspiration for a halftime treat to make at home ahead of this Saturday’s final. We’ve designed our sandwich in layers - one fish, one meat and one cheese - with it all held in place by four different types of bread,” says David Adams of Heinz Ireland.

Dee Laffan, recognising that it might be a bit much for one mouthful, suggests “you can break it down and eat it in parts, or use the list of winning ingredients to create so many delicious sandwich variations yourself.”

All-Ireland sandwich ingredients

1. St. Tola Divine, representing Co Clare
2. Gubbeen Farmhouse Cheese, representing Co Cork
3. Sourdough bread from Emilie's Bakehouse, representing Co Kerry
4. Irish butter from Glenstal Foods, representing Co Limerick
5. Mature Cheese and Red Onion crisps from O'Donnells Crisps, representing Co Tipperary
6. Blaa from Walsh's Bakehouse, representing Co Waterford
7. Cheddar from Coolattin Cheddar, representing Co Carlow
8. Cucumbers from Welgro Produce, representing Dublin
9. Chilli jam from Gibney's Preserves, representing Co Kildare
10. Smoked trout pâté from Goatsbridge Trout Farm, representing Co Kilkenny
11. Microgreens from Edmundburry Greens, representing Co Laois
12. Honey roast ham from Herterich Artisan Meats, representing Co Longford
13. Sourdough bread from The Home Bakery, representing Co Louth
14. Organic lettuce from Meade Farm, representing Co Meath
15. Shaved New York-style pastrami from Carrolls of Tullamore, representing Co Offaly
16. Turkey slices from Green Farm Fine Foods, representing Co Westmeath
17. Tomatoes from Wexford Tomatoes, representing Co Wexford
18. Salami from Guastalla, representing Co Wicklow
19. Smoke roasted organic salmon from North Coast Smokehouse, representing Co Antrim
20. Onion jam from Burren Balsamics, representing Co Armagh
21. Drumlin garlic cheese from Corleggy Cheeses, representing Co Cavan
22. Crispy onions from Scotts Crispy Onions, representing Co Derry
23. Wild Irish tuna from Shines Seafood, representing Co Donegal
24. Black garlic butter from Abernethy Butter, representing Co Down
25. Fresh free range eggs from Cavanagh Eggs, representing Co Fermanagh
26. Mushrooms from Monaghan Mushrooms, representing Co Monaghan
27. Bresola from Ispini Charcuterie, representing Co Tyrone
28. Salad leaves from An Garraí Glas, representing Co Galway
29. Boxty from McNiffe's Bakery, representing Co Leitrim
30. Sea salt from Achill Island Sea Salt, representing Co Mayo
31. Sundried tomatoes from Ballagh Farm Shop, representing Co Roscommon
32. Hummus from Sweet Beat, representing Co Sligo

*Edited to change Londonderry to Derry