Going out: Have your cake, but eat healthily too in this south Dublin cafe

This small, smart cafe has the potential to go whole hog and become a full restaurant

Eat less, move more, American nutritionist Marion Nestle once said. So we’ve had a fast walk to the bus stop for the 46a, which will deposit us in deepest Dún Laoghaire. For vegan food. Yay. Those happy days when the caramel dime in the Quality Street counted as the healthy option (not covered in chocolate see?) are over. Hello January. Goodbye gluttony.

I haven’t broken the vegan bit to my sons. “Will there be eggs?” one of them asks. The youngest is planning a toasted cheese sandwich. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Only we don’t get to it because the Maritime Café is in darkness. A woman in the office of the National Maritime Museum says the cafe has nothing to do with them.

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