Passion fruit and bang-bang chicken: spice up Pancake Tuesday


SMALL PRINT:WE CONDUCTED a Twitter vox pop (filtering out the many responses of people completely apathetic to the idea of giving something up for Lent) to discover what the Twitter masses will be forgoing from this Wednesday until Easter.


Head chef at the Farmgate Restaurant, English Market, Cork

“If you make a really thick béchamel and put loads of crab and coriander through it, then once your pancakes are made and cooled down, put the mixture in, roll them, and put them into the oven with some more béchamel on top.”


Executive chef at the Berkeley Court, Dublin “One of the things I have done in the past is make a passion fruit crème patisserie. When we’ve got that cooled, we fold in some meringue, and put that into the pancake and fold it in half, so it opens up like a passion fruit pancake soufflé, and then drop a big ball of passion fruit sorbet into it.”


Nimmos, Galway

“We have a delicious chickpea pancake on the menu stuffed with organic purple sprouting broccoli, Irish feta, piquillo pesto and couscous. It’s gorgeous.”


Jo’Burger, CrackBird, Skinflint and Bear, Dublin “My abiding memory of Pancake Tuesday is getting run over by a car in Slane as a kid. However, I make a really, really thin pancake with salt, put some sesame oil in the batter and shred bang-bang chicken with insanely hot Schezuan chili oil. Then I use chopped up cucumber and keep that really cold, some spring onion, roll them and gobble them up. That’s my idea of a pancake dish.”