Mid-week Tipple: Like Chablis, but at half the price and an ordinary decent claret

Each week John Wilson picks two wines for you to try at home. This week Le Bel Ange 2014, Domaine Begude and Ch. Guilebot Plaisance 2013

Le Bel Ange 2014, Domaine Begude, IGT Pays d’Oc


€12.95 for the month of May from O’Briens



We have been here before, but this is one of my favourite white wines, made by James Kinglake at his domaine, high in the hills above Carcassonne. The blend of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc works really well; the latter giving it a lovely zestiness, and the former pristine rounded green apple fruits. Think really good Chablis, but at half the price. Perfect on its own or with seafood, salads and summery recipes.

Ch. Guilebot Plaisance 2013, Bordeaux


€13.95 from Liston’s, Camden Street, Grapevine, Dalkey, and Cabot & Co. Westport.

When making notes at wine tastings I have a personal shorthand. W.M.D.W.W. means well made dry white wine, O/O.O/A.O/E. is for over-oaked, too much alcohol and over extracted. O.D.C. signifies ordinary decent claret (as opposed to ordinary decent criminal), for a particular kind of red wine from Bordeaux. These are light to medium bodied wines, with just ripe blackcurrant and blackberry fruits, with a refreshing acidity and a dryish finish. I love them; they are great all-purpose wines to go with red and white meats, including stews and cheese dishes.  The ordinary bit means they have to sell for less than €15. The Guilebot Plaisance fits all the above criteria, and is even light enough to sip solo.