A simple fish and rice dinner in a bowl

Lilly Higgins: I want to increase our fish intake and a rice bowl makes a great base

One of my aims this year was to increase our intake of fish. This coincided with another of my aims which was to stay indoors and shop only once a week. Luckily, there are now several options for fish home delivery and there is an incredible variety of seafood on offer.

Patrick  Hanlon and Russell Alford of Gastrogays have an extensive list of food suppliers which do home delivery on their website. They have been updating this list since March of last year and it's one that I regularly go to when I'm searching for key ingredients. So, having fresh salmon is now entirely doable from the comfort of our homes.

Rice bowls are a fantastic base for dinner, topped with bright, flavoured vegetables or a protein such as chicken or fish. A fried egg with a little kimchi is also ideal and so quick.

Winter Nights

As much as I adore sushi it does take quite some time to prepare for a family of five. We keep the home-made sushi for weekends. A more doable option is to use tins or jars of tuna, smoked mackerel or salmon.


Poke bowls

Over the past few years poke bowls have landed on our shores in cafes and restaurants. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish of diced raw fish. The cold poke is usually served over warm jasmine rice. The cubed fish is folded through a seasoning of sesame seeds and spring onions and served with a sauce such as soy, ponzu or mayonnaise. It’s a lovely way to eat fish, particularly during summer months when the sun is shining.

I have used sushi rice here as it is a fun alternative to regular long-grain rice and this same recipe can be used if you do want to assemble sushi at home. The salty, sweet vinegar makes it. Take care when seasoning this sushi rice: use a spatula to cut through the rice, try to keep the grains separate and avoid mashing them together.

This is delicious with sautéed spinach or any stir-fried vegetables. A bag or two of frozen stir-fried vegetables is handy to have and the quality and nutrition is as good as when fresh.