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Sponsored Feature: We spend up to one-third of our lives in bed – so make it a sanctuary


The bedroom, to many, is about more than sleep; it is a sanctuary, where we go to shed the stresses of the day. Not to mention the fact that we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping. Is it any wonder the bed is the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever own?

In Arnotts, there are 48 styles of bed to choose from including world renowned brands such as Kaymed, King Koil and Tempur – a choice that depends not only on size and price, but on what kind of mattress you’d like and what kind of sleeper you are.

Of course, a bed and mattress are no good without dressings – pillows, duvets and linen, all of which can enhance and improve the quality of sleep and look and feel of a room. You can choose from microfibre, Siberian goose down, Hungarian goose down and much more. Arnotts can help you recreate a luxury hotel sleeping experience at home.

At Arnotts, buyers Brian Gillivan and Martin O’Keeffe are, quite literally, the dream team – at a store that has been helping people find the right beds and linen since 1843, it’s always important to have the best advisers.

“People want a better quality of sleep – and they recognise that they need to invest,” says Gillivan. “When a customer comes in, we try to get to know their needs. Then we’d tell them to lie on the bed. I say to bring a book and read for a while.”

With Arnotts having such a huge selection – 48 beds from a variety of brands – customers can expect some expert guidance. What’s more Arnotts can take away and recycle your bed for free.

“After the bed, you move on to things you don’t see – like a mattress topper, which really enhances the feel of your sleep,” says Martin O’Keeffe who works in Arnotts’ bed linen department.

“The duvet is probably the next big investment. We carry a huge selection, and again it’s about what’s best for the customer and their lifestyle.”

“Our best-selling duvet would be our own-brand, Hotel Collection. It’s Siberian goose down, which is the best you can buy - made in Ireland, with down from geese bred here,” he says.

In terms of pillows, says O’Keeffe, it’s not always a matter of forking out for better – his own cost “maybe €20 or €25 – my favourites are microfill, synthetic, with a nice body and feel”. It really comes down to preference.

A simple change of bed linen, a few new cushions and a throw can really change the look and feel of a room – and Arnotts has a huge selection, with 27 dressed beds on the shop floor. “The classics are the best sellers – stripes, satin stripes, whites and creams,” says O’Keeffe. “I’d say 70 per cent of our business is white and cream, a high thread count with luxury finishes. It always looks good on a bed and can be dressed really nicely.

“The nautical look, from brands such as Lexington, Gant and Ralph Lauren, is always popular too – it’s classic and worth investing in because it will always look good.”

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