Irish abroad: What taxes do you pay where you live?

Do you pay more or less than in Ireland? Do you get more services in return?

One of the issues that often arises when discussing barriers for (high-income) returning emigrants is Ireland’s high income tax rate, which some say would deter them from moving back to live in Ireland.

But according to Fiona Reddan's analysis in Business today, Ireland has one of the lowest tax burdens in the OECD, at just 23.6 per cent. This means that for every €1 of GDP Ireland generates, we take in just 23 cent in tax revenue. This compares to 47 cent in Denmark, or 45 cent in France.

Much of this is down to Ireland’s low corporate tax rate, but Ireland also has very low individual tax rates for low-income earners, by international standards.

But - and it’s a big but - Ireland still has one of the highest marginal tax rates in the world, which affects the “squeezed middle”.


We want to hear from our readers living outside Ireland. What taxes do you pay where you live? Do you feel you pay too much or too little? Do you feel you get value for the tax you pay in public services? How do public services there compare to Ireland? Do you think Ireland is a high-tax or low-tax country? Would tax rates have any impact on your decision to stay abroad or move back to Ireland?