We’ve tested the best winter eyeshadow palettes

Most of us don’t wear bright colours every day but muted need not mean boring, either

Investing in a new eyeshadow palette is one easy and transformative way of changing your make-up for the winter season. Personally, I take the purchase of a new palette seriously. I’ll only invest in a luxury product when I know for sure that I will use it until I find myself gouging every last particle out of the empty pan. An expensive palette for me is an everyday palette – something I will use until it is gone.

Most of us don’t wear bright colours every day, preferring to opt for more muted tones which can comfortably adapt depending on the scenario. Muted need not mean boring, either. Think more “chic, understated nude and earth tones” than “cold Soviet office block” and you’ll be in the right ball park. For brights, which are instant bringers of joy, I’ll usually opt to spend less as I may not use every colour and won’t finish the product any time soon.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Eye Colour

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Eye Colour quad in Naked Pink (€79 at Brown Thomas) is the sort of eye palette that poses an imminent danger of taking the knees from under you at a glance. It is the eyeshadow equivalent of rolling around in cashmere with a mouthful of chocolate truffles, and the warm, rich autumnal hues never veer beyond entirely wearable. With a mix of finishes from matte to light reflective, you will use all four shades until they exist only as a beautiful memory. It’s particularly good if you’re intimidated by palettes with lots of colour options – these four are all you’ll need for most eye looks.

Mac Rosalia Aute Couture x 10 Palette

Being rich and earthy, the limited-edition Mac Rosalia Aute Couture x 10 Palette (€40 at asos.com) is in the same colour family as the Tom Ford offering. However, it contains several high shine metallic shades, which bring a burnished luminescence and sense of drama to autumn or winter make-up. There is nothing frightening in this palette, but it will carry you through to Spring and beyond without ever leaving you ill equipped for any occasion.


Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Colour Palette

I once gifted a large palette like Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Colour Palette (€35 at beautybay.com), full of colourful shades, to a young friend of mine in her late teens. She clutched it to her, welling up, and whispered, overcome, "I only wish I had more eyes to wear them on". This is the sort of palette that makes you wish you had more eyes. The number of shadows makes it excellent value, and covering neutrals to ultra brights, it is a true make-up lover's palette.

Essence Ice, Ice Baby! Eyeshadow Palette

Essence Ice, Ice Baby! Eyeshadow Palette (€4 at penneys stores nationwide) is ideal for a dalliance with (or in) blue. Blue eyeshadow is hard to wear, and I don’t crack out a blue palette often, but this incredibly affordable medley of cool steel and blue shades is ideal for those days when only blue will do. It’s particularly beautiful on brown eyes.

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