Ben Kiely: ‘I became company director while studying in college’

International Business, University of Limerick 2022

Ben Kiely: 'I was able to pick and choose subjects.'

My mum set up her own business 40 years ago and I’ve always tried to help out. In 2018, I became a company director while studying in college. I’ve really enjoyed it, one really feeds into the other, you learn about academics and the practical sides of business and how the world of work works.

I started a bachelor of arts in International Business here at UL in 2018.

I’ve had a great experience in kind of a unique course. It is one of the only courses in Ireland where you can really choose your modules on a semester-by-semester basis. Rather than having to major in one or two subject areas, I was able to pick and choose subjects that took a fancy to me.

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With the International Business programme, I was able to choose from a variety of different subjects, such as enterprise creation to management consulting and sustainability, personal branding, and organisational behaviour.


Those diverse subjects are what appealed to me. Some key things that are built into the programme are areas like communication, strategy and management. Now I’ve gone on to do a master’s and that was the right path for me, I’m absolutely loving it. — Shauna Bowers