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A muti-tool pen, a bright bottle and a smart watch


Tech-Tool Pen

While not quite having the eclectic tool mix of the famous (amongst pen nerds, at least) Messograf multi-tool pen, the Tech-Tool shares its simplicity and austere styling. It comes with Imperial and metric rulers marked-out on the side and a spirit level built-in. The cap unscrews to reveal a reversible screwdriver bit with flathead and Phillips heads. Oh and there’s a retractable ballpoint pen with a nice twist action. Reassuringly, it weighs in at a robust 60gms for that impromptu carpentry session when all you have is a pen.
€12 from Hodges Figgis

Motionfox Flashing

Bottle A simple but effective brace of new products here from Irish firm, Motionfox: a flashing cycling bottle and running bottle. Both employ the same safety technology, a trio of bright, flashing LEDs in the cap which turn the bottles into highly visible lanterns. The cycling bottle is a standard 750ml to fit regular bike cages and the running version has a handle design for easy carrying or hooking into your waistband. The only drawback is the batteries aren’t rechargeable.
€12 from and some good cycle shops, with replacement caps at €7

Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch 

The smart watch is certainly the hot go-to area for many different techie companies from phone makers to navigation specialists to top sports brands. Adidas has pulled off the neat trick here of squeezing three often separate bits of kit into one. So its new MiCoach Smart Run has GPS to track your route and location, an integrated heart rate monitor and an MP3 player with wireless Bluetooth connection. As the name suggests, it also boasts built-in coaching – with an associated Multisport app.

Available this month for €400, see

Tom Kelly