Neven Maguire’s Cavan take on a Dublin coddle

Frugal Feasts: This coddle can be made in a slow cooker and it freezes really well

I know for many of us the daily dinner dilemma can be a drag. Every busy parent can relate to that 5pm sinking feeling when you get asked, “What’s for dinner?” Or even when you’re cooking for one, knowing that there’s nothing inspiring in the fridge doesn’t exactly lift your spirits.

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So I’m always looking for recipes that can help with that midweek slump, and I think this coddle does just that. This recipe doesn’t rely on anything fancy, it uses very ordinary ingredients to make a delicious, comforting take on a classic Irish dish.

As a Cavan man, I can’t pretend that this is an authentic coddle (I like to brown the sausages first so that they have a bit of colour), but I can promise that it’s tasty and easy to make. Sausages are a great staple for a budget-friendly dinner and there are now so many affordable, delicious premium sausages on the market.

I love Pat O’Neill’s range from Wexford. He also does excellent lardons, which are just thick-cut pieces of streaky bacon with all the work done for you. Once cooked, this dish will freeze really well and you could also try it in the slow cooker.


Recipe: Neven Maguire’s Dublin Coddle

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