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Frugal Feasts: Feed a family of four for less than €10 with Theo Kirwan’s super green noodles

Irish Times Food Month: This funky, quick, delicious and budget-friendly recipe is great for using up whatever greens and herbs you have in the fridge

Super green noodles are funky, quick, delicious and budget-friendly. This is a very riffable recipe – never have I made the same version twice. And it’s a good one to use up whatever greens and herbs you have in the fridge.

10 years of Irish Times Food Month

Depending on what’s to hand, you can top it with a poached or crispy fried egg, and some thinly sliced scallions are always welcome. Crunchy cucumber and a spoonful of chilli crisp are a regular for me. You get the picture: there’s a multitude of good decisions you can make.

Instant noodles are a guilty pleasure of mine. When I was growing up I used to beg my dad to buy them at the local supermarket. To be honest, I still get just as excited about them now, but creating a recipe that packs flavour and is fresh and nourishing feels like a midweek win.

For the sauce, I’ve used miso, a fermented soya bean paste that brings natural umami. It’s a secret weapon we use a lot in our salad dressings at Sprout. It’s one of those ingredients that makes you wonder, “why is this so delicious?” Definitely worth introducing to your cooking. As good as it is to be consuming big handfuls of spinach, don’t skimp on the coriander, because it’s key to flavouring the dish.


Recipe: Theo Kirwan’s super green noodles

Theo Kirwan is cofounder and creative director at Sprout & Co Kitchen