A special family feast for Easter: Three easy dishes for a meal to remember

Gráinne O’Keefe: Try these classic recipes for the ultimate Easter Sunday lunch

When I think of Easter, I think of the shops being filled with chocolate eggs and little Easter bunny treats all over the shelves.

Although it is a holiday to celebrate the Christian story of resurrection, it seems to have evolved into a family day, when the kids wake up excited to eat chocolate and the adults look forward to a long weekend and a Sunday lunch.

I used to think that the reason lamb is traditionally eaten at Easter was that it is in season in spring. It turns out that lamb at Easter is a tradition that dates back to early Christianity and the ”lamb of God”.

Lamb is great at this time of year though and always in demand. If you have a local butcher, it’s always a good idea to pre-order for an occasion such as Easter. If you want to use a different protein for your Easter Sunday main course, you can always try lamb sweetbreads as a starter instead, coated in a little flour and fried in butter, glazed with some Madeira; they are delicious.


Spring lamb is a delicate meat, with a distinct flavour. Its strong flavour allows for strong ingredients to be used alongside it. Wild garlic is abundant at this time of year, growing in fields and parks. It’s less intense than regular garlic and has the most vibrant green colour. You will see wild garlic on many menus around this time and some restaurants will get in large amounts and preserve some for winter menus.

The egg yolk ravioli is a classic and a lot more simple to make than you would think. Always use fresh eggs and take your time so that you don’t burst them. It’s an impressive dish to make and very rarely would be seen on a home cook’s menu.

The brown butter carrot cake is simple and delicious, can be made in advance of time and stored ambient. The brown butter brings a depth of flavour and saltiness to compliment the sweet cake.

Recipe: Wild garlic stuffed lamb shoulder, roast carrots and potatoes

Recipe: Egg yolk ravioli, caramelised white onion sauce

Recipe: Spiced carrot cake with brown butter and pecan frosting