Media coverage of Sinn Féin

Sir, – EF Fanning (November 3rd) criticises Fintan O'Toole, amongst others, for daring to question the leadership of Sinn Féin on the basis of "no evidence, no proof".

In his recent article, Mr O’Toole identified a series of eight contradictions in statements made by the three most senior members of that party in relation to child abuse (“Never mind the evidence, feel the ‘truthiness’ of what Gerry Adams says”, Opinion & Analysis, October 28th).

Your corespondent did not address the substance of the O’Toole article or seek to explain the apparent contradictions.

Instead he seems to believe that Sinn Féin and its members have an inherent right to sanctuary from any criticism or question, no matter how well founded.


It would be reasonable to accept such a course if Sinn Féin did likewise and abandoned its attempts at colonising the high moral ground to the exclusion of all others. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.