Westport Festival


Westport House, Westport, Co Mayo Sat–Sun 1pm €130/€75 0818-333344 westportfestival.com

A new addition on the summer (so-called) festival calendar is always a good idea. Some will flop, some will hit, and if people didn’t want to try something different or new then we wouldn’t know either way.

Westport Festival doesn’t try for the hipster edges of Forbidden Fruit or the more esoteric elements of Electric Picnic; it appears to have its target market set on people who like to have their CDs organized in alphabetical order, with perhaps less interest in what passes for cutting edge music. And that’s fine – despite what some might dismiss with a casual sneer, there’s nothing wrong with cosying up to the familiar (and quality familiar at that) now and again.

If that’s your bag, then this two-day event, based in a really beautiful setting minutes outside one of the best appointed towns in the west, is the business. Expect to hear acts as acclaimed and classy as Ray Davies, Jools Holland, The Waterboys, Imelda May, Lloyd Cole, Duke Special, The Undertones, Macy Gray, The Chieftains, and many, many more.

Kids are welcome, too, so let’s pray the weather is good enough for a family event as well-thought-out as this one.

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