TV preview: Making Ireland Click, Bublé at the BBC and more

David Puttnam steps into his new role as Ireland’s Digital Champion; supercrooner Michael Bublé steps up to the mic

The president’s daughter: Hayley Atwell in Conviction, Wednesday, Sky Living, 9pm

The president’s daughter: Hayley Atwell in Conviction, Wednesday, Sky Living, 9pm


Ireland’s Fittest Family
Sunday, RTÉ One, 6.30pm
Once again it’s time for 12 superfit families to test their mettle, stay the course and aim for that €15,000 prize. This year, the challenges are even more challenging, the terrain even rougher and the courses even more gruelling. They’ll be coached by four sporting legends: ex-Clare hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald, Cork camogie star Anna Geary, Munster and Ireland rugby legend Alan Quinlan and – joining the coaching team this year – former Irish international soccer star Stephen Hunt. (Can’t wait to see what the couch- potato families on Gogglebox Ireland make of this.)

Making Ireland Click
Monday, RTÉ One, 7.30pm
Oscar-winning film producer David Puttnam has a new role to play these days. The political activist and member of the House of Lords, who lives in Skibbereen, is Ireland’s Digital Champion (apparently, that’s a thing), and he’s on a mission to get Irish people digitally literate. Digital technology has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives, but not everyone is driving along the same information superhighway. Some are still tootling along on the digital side-roads, and Puttnam is hoping to get everyone in Ireland up to speed on the fast-changing technologies that are fast changing our lives. In the first episode, Puttnam meets the “non-liners”, people who have resisted the pull of the new technology, and sees how older people are in danger of being left behind in the rush to living our lives online.

Unarmed Black Male
Wednesday, BBC Two, 9pm
In April 2015, police officer Stephen Rankin arrived at a Walmart store in response to a report of shoplifting. Within minutes he had shot and killed black teenager William Chapman. This 90-minute documentary brings us inside the trial of Rankin, who was charged with first-degree murder. In 2015, a total of 306 black men were killed by police in the US, but just 14 police officers were charged with any wrongdoing. Made by award-winning filmmaker James Jones, this documentary promises to be a powerful indictment of law enforcement in the US.

Television’s Opening Night: How The Box Was Born
Wednesday, BBC4, 9pm
In a unique experiment, Dallas Campbell, Prof Danielle George and Dr Hugh Hunt join forces in an attempt to restage the very first official broadcast on British Television, exactly 80 years after it made history. The inaugural BBC transmission was made from Alexandra Palace in London on November 2nd 1936. But there are no recordings of the event - so, to find out just went on, the team will attempt to piece back together every aspect of show from scratch – from the cogs, gears and electron beams of the new technology to the dancing girls and other variety acts that were broadcast that historic night.

Wednesday, Sky Living, 9pm
She was only the president’s daughter . . . Hayley Atwell stars in this new legal thriller series as brilliant young lawyer Hayes Morrison, whose father was once the US president. She’s trying to get out from under her dad’s shadow and make it on her own terms, but she’s also battling a few demons, and when New York district attorney Conner Wallace uncovers one of these, he blackmails her into working for the Conviction Integrity Unit, which investigates possible wrongful convictions. Atwell is best known as Marvel’s Agent Carter – can she make this another memorable role? The jury’s out.

Bublé at the BBC

Thursday, BBC One, 8pm

With Christmas on the way, it’ll soon be time to dig out our well-scratched copy of Michael Buble’s festive CD. But if you can’t wait until December to hear the dulcet tones of the Canadian crooner, you can catch him in a one-hour special, Here, Claudia Winkleman puts aside her Strictly shoes to interview Bublé about becoming a father and how he got started in his career, and the singer performs his many hits in front of a live studio audience, backed by his band and a 30-piece orchestra. Tunes!