The Train of Glorious Oreos

3rd Class, St Columba’s National School, Iona Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Illustration: Claire Supervie

Illustration: Claire Supervie


Once upon a time there was a panda named Oreo. He lived in a cave with diamonds in it. Oreo was sad and lonely because he wanted a pet. He didn’t feel rich because of the diamonds – he just wanted to explore the world. Oreo’s best friend, Tim the pig, worked in a supermarket at the beach. Oreo wanted to take a train to meet Tim but it was made of bamboo and Oreo was really scared of sticks. So Oreo decided to make a train out of Oreos. He ordered them online from Tim’s supermarket.

An hour later, Tim arrived in the delivery van. Tim said a simple “Hello.” Oreo replied, “Howdy partner! Let’s build a train!” They started to build the train. Tim took out some big and small Oreos. Oreo the Panda got really hungry when he saw the biscuits. His mouth started to water and his tummy started to rumble and he just had to take a nibble. He hid behind an empty box and started to eat the biscuits.

Just then Tim came back, carrying more Oreo supplies, and saw the panda with a mouthful of Oreos.

“OREO!” he gasped, “They are for the train! Now we need more Oreos!”

The two friends finished building the train. When they tried to test it out they suddenly realised that they had forgotten to put in a door! Tim got a hammer out of the delivery van and started to hammer out a door. The only thing was, they had forgotten to put in any chocolate filling, so when Tim smashed in a door all the biscuits crumbled to the ground!

“Oreo! You forgot the filling! Now we have to start all over again,” said Tim, with his hands on his hips. Even though they were best friends. Tim was feeling angry.

“Don’t worry Tim,” replied Oreo, “You can just go back to the shop and buy more”

“But there is no more! I bought them all,” said Tim.

They were both feeling very disappointed. Their adventure hadn’t even started. They leaned against the van and started to eat the leftover Oreos and biscuit crumbs.

After a few days, they realised they needed to go to the gym. When they got to the gym the receptionist pointed them towards the swimming pool. They had never been swimming before but they loved it!

“Ohhh! Swimming pool, swimming pool,” they chanted together.

They spent 24 hours in the water and they started to look like pros. Tim and Oreo were barely recognisable. They had become athletes and were good enough for the Olympics. In fact, they became the first pig and panda to swim from Ireland to Hawaii!