The Corrs review: a trip back to a simpler time of soft rock and hard violin

The band now the value of nostalgia in a show that has all the hallmarks of a homecoming

Venue: 3Arena

Date Reviewed: January 28th, 2016

Website: 018198888

Phone: 3arena.i3

Fri, Jan 29, 2016, 12:26




When a heritage act releases a new album, there’s a fear that that’s all the live show will be. However, The Corrs know that nostalgia is worth a pretty penny these days, so they whip out the classics in the 3Arena. You’re Forgiven, Not Forgotten is barely on a few seconds and there’s a collective knowing nod from the crowd, as we’re transported back to a simpler time of soft rock and hard violin.

The show is a homecoming of sorts and they go mad for the trad, highlighting the siblings’ skills as musicians. Most impressive is Sharon Corr on fiddle, who stoically takes the lead on Toss the Feathers, Paddy McCarthy and Carraroe Jig and Caroline – the coolest Corr by far – moves away from her drum kit to the front of the stage, armed with her bodhrán and cajón drum. They’re in their total comfort zone at this point and the only evidence of nerves is when Andrea forgets the words to Buachaill Ón Éirne. Oh, Andrea.

As she flits about the stage with the energy of a Feis Ceoil champion, it’s easy to believe the rumour that she and her sisters had been cryogenically frozen and thawed out late last year, leaving Jim to hold the fort. There is no time for conspiracy theory chat but the stage is draped in tinfoil cloth, which is a nice touch.

The years have almost been as kind to the group’s back catalogue. Runaway is their pinnacle, and it’s a brave move to play it so early in the set, and while Only When I Sleep is still a strange song for a brother to sing with his sisters, it gets one of the biggest cheers of the night. However, So Young is a pre-Millennium pop casualty that is probably better left for dead and whatever elixir of life they’re sipping on can’t save it.