Nialler9's New Irish Music: Anderson, Tiz McNamara, Codes, Maud In Cahoots & more

The best new things in Irish music right now

Maud In Cahoots – Cure For The Crazy

This kind of sophisticated pop music is not something often born of these shores, but then Maud and Zoe Riordain have always had a more Scandinavian sensibility. Following on from


Cure For The Crazy


reaches for an ambitious atmospheric crescendo.

New Portals – Groove Boy

Watching someone dance can tell you a lot about a person. Just ask Shakira. Belfast duo Ruth and Michael Aicken are at first enamoured by their subject before the trance snaps and they remember the rejection and reality. Still,

Groove Boy

moves with disco-ball rotation and features so many bright spots, it's easy to forgive the lapse in judgement.

CODES - And Arrows and Aarrows


is the long promised second album from the Dublin band Codes, whose music has changed from skyscraping guitar-rock to a more futuristic electro-rock style that is reminscent of Muse.

And Arrows and Aarrows

crams a lot of epic atmosphere into its three-minute running time (and unusual time-signature) to the point where you convince yourself you heard it on the trailer to the film



Cat Palace – Real Fresh

Fans of the country-indie singer-songwriter Kurt Vile may be interested in the

from David Blaney's project. Not only does he have song titled

Dat Ass

, a rock wigout called

Sweet Romance

, there's also this Mac Demarco-aping lead track

Real Fresh


Anderson - Patterns

To pick yourself up again after stumbling on the road to some sort of artistic success is tough. When the rock band The Rags exhausted their creative and musical pursuit,

found himself back at square one. So he began to build. His own studio specifically. Then an album, produced and arranged by himself, in a building made with his own hands on a plot of land given to him by his godfather.


, the thrilling result of all that labour, is an old-fashioned release, an album that ditches the laddish energy of his former band in favour of pretty and bright orchestral arrangements more directly inspired by late-1960s pop and early-1970s singer-songwriters. Anderson's voice has a brittle tone that recalls Paul McCartney. Classic in tone, classic in nature.

Tiz McNamara

Metrics aren't everything in this game but when a new artist reveals that they've gotten more than 90,000 plays on Spotify in just two songs, you tend tyo sit up and takenotice.

has already had a song featured on


which may have helped. Her songs are very much in the Bon Iver/The Shins folk vein, but it's new single

Take It In

, featuring low-key but effective electronic production from Scandinavian duo Boxes, that leaves the biggest impression. McNamara plays Hard Working Class Heroes in Dublin in a couple of weeks.