You Tell Me: You Tell Me review – Kate Bush-influenced album with shortcomings

Fri, Jan 4, 2019, 07:30


You Tell Me

You Tell Me

Memphis Industries


“Don’t be afraid to get too cruel,” sings Field Music’s Peter Brewis on Water Cooler, a song which subtly merges Hounds of Love-era Kate Bush with David Byrne inflections.

This provocative invitation makes the listener feel vindicated by their frustration caused by the consumption of the self-titled debut by You Tell Me, Brewis’s side project shared with Sarah Hayes of Admiral Fellow.

Once you listen to these 11 extremely wholesome songs, it isn’t surprising that the duo met at a Kate Bush celebration concert. Enthralled by Hayes’s theatrical vocal style during a performance of This Woman’s Work, the Sunderland-based Brewis approached her and so began their venture creating pop songs tinged with carefree 1980s textures while adhering, strictly, to Field Music’s canon.

If you listen to You Tell Me followed by Field Music’s record from this year, Open Here, there is little variation, stylistically.

While You Tell Me may not be the most memorable release of the year, it does have moments such as the earnest No Hurry and the lilting presence of pedal steel on Clarion Call to make up for its shortcomings.