Vessels - The Great Distraction: all eye-twitching bleeps and elongated grooves

The Great Distraction
    
Artist: Vessels
Genre: Electronic
Label: Different Recordings

Leeds outfit Vessels have slowly evolved, moving away from the quiet-loud noodlings of their previous post-rock offerings into a more electro-tinged realm with their last album 2016's Dilate and now this, The Great Distraction.

As far as genre-hopping goes, moving from the creeping climaxes of Mogwaiesque post-rock to the unifying euphoria of minimalist electronica is not a huge shift. It's the discordant noise of Battles slowed and stretched across some beats, on a track such as the unremarkable Deeper in a Sky.

The boys have swapped their cardigans for some uniform black T-shirts and the mood will definitely be déjá vu for some. The Great Distraction lives up to its name as most tracks sound like bits from forgotten Kompakt compilations that become so familiar it's disconcerting.The much-mooted Deflect the Light (featuring Wayne Coyne) could have been something The Field kept on ice in 2007.

It’s all eye-twitching bleeps and elongated grooves that mostly end up outstaying their welcome and fizzling out rather than exploding into life like they really should.