Various - The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco review: rich grooves, textured sounds, serious voices

Thu, Apr 28, 2016, 23:00


The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco


How Do You Are?


The first two albums of the Too Slow To Disco series reintroduced audiences to an abundance of sultry, smooth mood music made on the US West Coast during the 1970s.

The compilers obviously clocked that dudes have dominated the track listings to date, which is where The Ladies of Too Slow to Disco comes in. From the sun-blissed groove of Evie Sands’ You Can Do It to the hypnotic purr of Lynn Christopher on Take Me With You, a track with evergreen hip-hop sampling appeal, this compilation highlights women who made glorious pop music in that decade. Familiar names include Rickie Lee Jones, Carly Simon and Carole King, but the real gems come from relatively unknown singers such as Laura Allan, Leah Kunkel, Franne Golde and Lauren Wood. An album of rich grooves, textured sounds and serious voices.