Tieranniesaur: a beautiful way to start the day

Effortless musicianship helps drag weary picnickers to their feet

Artist: Tieranniesaur

Venue: Body & Soul Arena

Date Reviewed: September 1st, 2013

Stars: ****

While dull reggae droned out from the Main Stage, Tieranniesaur delivered a rainbow-coloured set with hundreds of picnickers propped on the hill shaking off their Saturday night.

The constant smooth off-kilter disco that Tieranniesaur peddle is criminally underrated. Chucking in nuggets like ‘Breathe And Stop’ into their set, they flowed through ‘Here Be Monsters’, ‘Sargasso’ and plenty more, with their considered beats successfully dragging people to their feet.

The effortless musicianship of the six piece, with instruments swapped and interchangeable demonstrates a dexterity reminiscent of early LCD Soundsystem performances. Upbeat, fun, laden with hooks, quirks, grooves and switcharoos, it’s a beautiful way to kickstart the day.

As frontwoman Annie Tierney informed the crowd, you can buy both of their albums online for a fiver. Do it.