These New Puritans: Field of Reeds

Fri, Jun 7, 2013, 00:00


Field of Reeds

These New Puritans



HHHHTo call These New Puritans ambitious is to understate the case. The Southend quartet pushed the boundaries of indie and art-rock by touring their last album with an orchestra and a children’s choir. Their third record goes further, although these nine tracks are more minimalist than their predecessors; most incorporate austere piano with off-kilter rhythms and woodwind or brass of some description. The addition of new vocalist Elisa Rodrigues impacts on the eerie disorientation of The Light in Your Name, while the grimy, disconcerting Spiral is truly the soundtrack to a nightmare, with its screeching violin and ominous bassoon intro. The odd concoction of sounds and shapes takes some absorption and occasionally drifts into self-indulgence. But when it works, These New Puritans seem like a truly exciting band.
Download: The Light in Your Name, Spiral